Duke Nukem 3D Maps


Here I have a nice selection of maps for you to choose from, rated on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. To use these maps, unzip the file, put the file with the .map extension in your Duke Nukem 3D directory. At the MS-DOS prompt in your duke3d directory, type duke3d map mapname, where mapname is the name of the map. That's all there is to it.

Map Name Description Rating
Alamo Accurate replication of the Alamo for DukeMatch only. 8.5
Anslem Excellent and challenging map from Robert Travis. 9.5
Anslemx This map won the TEN level design contest. A must see! 9.5
Attack3 One of the first of Arjan Van Rossen's quality maps. 7.0
Attack4 Another quality map from Arjan Van Rossen. 7.5
Attack4x A new map in the Attack series by Arjan Van Rossen. 8.5
Aztec An absolutely huge map from Robert Travis. 9.0
Carnage A large single player map with cool effects. 9.0
Club 97 A huge, well designed map with very poor frame rate. 7.5
Danzig4 A small map that's great for deathmatch play. 9.0
Death Star A very accurate single player map of the Death Star. 9.5
Dharga A very large and challenging single player map 9.0
Dw3 Another one of Arjan Van Rossen's first maps. 7.0
Dw4 One of Arjan Van Rossen's better maps. 8.0
Dw5 In my opinion this is Arjan Van Rossen's best map. 9.0
Hotel Small A pretty good map that was personally submitted to me. 7.5
Medevil An small but well very well made deathmatch map. 8.5
Pits An DukeMatch level made by the webmaster. 7.5
Planet Play A map made by Games Planet. 6.5
Template A single player map submitted to me that I didn't quite make the cut. 6.0
Area 51 Area 51 is a very chalanging map, it is from Independece Day. 9.0
Prime PrPrime takes place on the moon, very good map.ime 9.0
Polout Polout2 Takes place at a place station, this map is almost perfect. 9.0
Bisarus Brisarus Takes place in a complex, has lots of nice buildings. 9.5
Quaran Quaran Is an excelent map, nice placement of enimies too! 9.0
Hell Hole This Is a Very Good Map, worth a download, u see what its like. 9.0
Alpha7 Alpha7 Also takes place in a space station. 9.5
October October This takes place in a building while a thunder storm is going. 9.0
Lost Duke Lost Duke Has 3 episodes, Has About 29 Maps.Great Episode. 9.0
City City well, obviously takes place in a city. 9.0
Pentagon Pentagon Takes place in the Pentagon. 9.5
Complex Complex takes place in a Complex, there is a boss to fight at the end. 9.5
911 911 Is The Sequel to Area 51. 9.5
2009 This is one of the best maps I have played.No Desc. though, you try it. 9.9
Anuar Has a good sense of direction, didnt play it though. 6.9.
Armged This level is based on the movie Aliens, has good placement of weapons. 9.8
Betrayal Takes place in a building then a cavern, a big boss at the end. 9.2
BigDoor I think this level is a motel, nothing really in it. 7.7
Blitzwar This level has an excellent detail of the outside, recomended. 10.0
Bluesky Takes place in a building and a waste land, very good if you want a challange. 8.9
Boom This one lives of to its name, many explosions in this level. 8.9
Drugvill Drugvill Takes PLace in a town, a few errors though. 7.1
Explode2 This is a sequel to exploder and I'm proud to say it's much better than the first. 7.8
Exploder This level has nothing much, you should try it, it is fun to play. 7.8
Hideout The keys are hidden well in this level, it also takes place in a building. 8.2
Jailbird This level takes place in a jail, really nice graphics, need a good computer though. 10.0
OJ2 Big Map With TONS of enimies. 8.2
Opera This level takes place in an Opera House, This level is really fun. 9.9
Outpost You get to fight enimies in a space station, a few errors though. 8.0
Prison This is a really good map with intelligently placed enemies and objects . 8.6
Rage The Begining starts out raining, lots of enimies at the end though. 9.3
Revenge You're in a building fighting your way through with loads of doors that don't open and girls 8.9
Rigsby1 This level is really cool, takes place in a building. 9.1
Rigsby4 This level is really cool, takes place in a building.The Sequel To Rigsby1. 9.4
Rigsby5 This level is really cool, takes place in a building.The Sequel To Rigsby4. 9.2
Shellter Takes place in building with a subway. Has lots of doors, quite fun but lacked direction . 8.1
The Plant Nice map, takes place in a power plant, enimies place very well. 9.9
The Storm This Level Is Very Fun at the end, you get to fight LOTS of enimies. 7.6
Tunnel Takes place in a mine, not that good at the begining but the end is really good. 9.4
Vanquish A really big map with a good subway but too few enemies 8.8
Battle This Level you fight from forts and stff, recomended. 9.9
Boats This Map is situated in the Sea. 8.9
Castle This is a nice little map, you should try it. 9.2
Combat This map is almost perfect, it it like a battle field, a must download. 10.0
Die Mall This level takes place in well,THE MALL. 9.4
Fire Power    
Maze This level is like a maze, you have to fight and find your way around. 9.7
DN House This is a house, you go in a hunt an oppent down, has drive way, side walk, etc. 9.9
Evil This has a Doom like Scenario, worth the download. 9.7
Rush The lay-out is from a Doom Level, worth a try if you like Doom. 8.4
Shopping This is a Shopping Center, Hotel, Radio Station,Shopping Mart, etc. 9.8
Slammer Medium Size map of prison, good placement of enimies and weapons. 9.4
G-Force Has a bunch of fly stuff over a pit,it sounds boring but its fun 9.1
Pentagone This is a replica of the Pentagone. 9.0
X-Men This is a replica of the X-Mens Operational Base and all. 9.7
W-Slides This is a water park, very fun. 10.0
Black Hole This level has a Black Hole, it is a New Planet, Worth A Try. 10.0
Hospital Aliens have invaded the Hospital, you are to help, has nude nurses too! 9.0
Ice Rink This is on an Ice Rink, pretty fun. 8.9
Snipage This is for people looking for a little strategy, great Death Match Level  
Metalica Aliens have captured Metalica, you have to save them, a good map. 9.0

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